Saturday, March 28, 2015

Free Write Musings

Last Thursday evening, I attended a free write at the Rehoboth Art League co-sponsored with the Rehoboth Writers Guild.  In this particular free write, visual artists display their work while writers respond to the images with the first words that pop into their heads.  Below are some of my musings.  I only included the ones I think can stand alone since I do not have the images to post alongside them.

No. 1

The rock on the sill.  Undisturbed.  He sees it and knows she hasn't opened the window, that the shutters haven't been pushed opened to the send the carefully placed fragment straight to the ground.  But, what does it mean?  Did she go to another window to look out?  But, where would she get such a view of the garden or see the sun so wondrously hanging in the sky?

The closed window, the unmoved rock whisper questions in his ear, buzzing like flies in his brain.  He wants to swat them away but is also afraid to brush up against them too closely for fear he could answer a few.

No. 2

The image at the edge
Peaking out at a world
Upside down
A reflection encroached and broken 
     by harsh gravel
A blade of color
     Transferring a calm blue white
Into a world too right side up
     to see it.

No. 3

A missing piece.
A wound.
A tear.
It's there but almost unnoticeable
Amidst the design of color,
Brilliantly diverting the eye
An uneven, yet undiminished beauty

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