Monday, March 6, 2017

To My Sister...

To My Sister…

There isn’t a word yet
For two different stories written on the same page,
Following separate, winding paths that, although intersecting at key points,
Have a disunity in which they seem to fight for space

Yet, as the tales progress, growing richer and more detailed,
They gently guide each other,
Shaping each other’s plot, molding perceptions of the characters,
And offering hope of a resolution

They bring counterpoint
And illumination
On the events of one
The tone of the other

Making them each stronger and more defined

And those mutual page turns-
They can be exciting,
And sometimes sad,
But they are always worth the passage into a new understanding

There is no word for any of this,
No single way to encompass the push and pull
Of the enriched overall narrative


Are the closest we get.

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